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Description of the use and installation method of the transfer window


The transfer window is generally used in a clean room or in a area that requires a high degree of cleanliness. The clean transfer window manufacturer below refers to the use and installation method of the transfer window. I hope that through the introduction of the two aspects of the transfer window, everyone will use and install the transfer window.


    1. The materials entering and leaving the clean area must be strictly separated from the flow channel and accessed by the material channel of the production workshop.

    2. When the material enters, the original auxiliary materials are unpacked or cleaned by the person in charge of the preparation process, and then sent to the temporary storage room of the workshop through the transfer window; after the inner packaging material is removed from the outer packaging, It is sent to the inner bag through the transfer window. The workshop integrator and the person in charge of the preparation and internal packaging process handle the material handover.

    3. When passing through the transfer window, the rules for “opening and closing” of the inner and outer doors of the transfer window must be strictly enforced, and the two doors cannot be opened at the same time. After opening the outer door, put the material into the door, then close the door, then open the inner door to take out the material, close the door, and so on.

    4. When the materials in the clean area are delivered, the materials should be transported to the relevant material intermediate station and removed from the clean area according to the reverse procedure when the materials enter.

    5. All semi-finished products are shipped out of the clean area and are sent from the transfer window to the external temporary storage room and transported to the outer packaging room via the logistics channel.

    6. Materials and wastes that are highly susceptible to pollution should be transported from their dedicated transfer windows to non-clean areas.

    7. After the material has entered and exited, the site and the window of the transfer station should be cleaned in time, and the inner and outer access doors of the transfer window should be closed to clean and disinfect.

    How to install the transfer window:

    In the convenient location of the wall, and then open the hole, the hole is generally about 10MM larger than the outer diameter of the transfer window. The transfer window is placed in the wall, generally installed in the middle of the wall, balanced and fixed, decorated with rounded corners or other decorative strips. Pass the gap between the window and the wall, and glue the seal to modify it.