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The specific functions and characteristics of the clean transfer window


The clean transfer window is a device placed on the partition wall of the clean room. It is an auxiliary device for the clean room. It is used for the transfer of small items between different clean areas, clean areas and non-clean areas, with air locks. The role of preventing unclean air from entering the clean room. The clean transfer window also blows the surface of the delivered item, preventing the item from carrying dust into the clean room. It is widely used in micro-technologies, biological laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, food processing industries, LCDs, electronics factories, and other industries that require air purification.

    The clean transfer window produced by the clean transfer window manufacturer is mainly used for the transfer of small materials in clean rooms of different levels or the transfer of small items between clean and non-clean areas; it is a kind of cleaning area to reduce the number of door opening. A device for delivering articles; it prevents low-grade unclean air from entering a high-grade clean room when transferring materials, which reduces the pollution of the clean room to a relatively low level. When the material is transferred, the high-speed, clean airflow is blown off at the top to blow off the dust particles on the surface of the cargo. At this time, the doors on both sides can be opened or closed, and the clean airflow acts as an air brake to ensure the air outside the clean room. Will not affect the cleanliness of the room

    The clean transfer window has the following characteristics: the transfer window is divided into two types: standard transfer window and clean transfer window according to the purpose; the outer casing is divided into three types according to the material: color steel plate type, thin steel plate spray type and all stainless steel type; The interlocking form is divided into mechanical interlocking and electronic interlocking; general-purpose size and special specifications are made according to user requirements.