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Why do dehumidifiers/humidifiers are used in pharmaceutical plants?


The humidity in the air is as ubiquitous as everywhere, everywhere. The yellow plum season in the south is not high in temperature, and the humidity is very high. People feel sultry and uncomfortable. At the same time, damage caused by moisture and mold to metal oxidation occurs at any time without knowing it. Optical lenses for industrial products, magnetic recording materials (including optical discs), shadow films, electronic information media, electronic original devices, instruments, meters, powder materials, paper, wood, silk, leather tobacco, food, tea, pharmaceuticals, food, etc. They are all items that need to control humidity.

Among them, the state has clear regulations on the humidity of the drug production workshop:

According to national requirements, pharmaceutical factories must pass the "Good Manufacturing Practices" (GMP) certification.

Quality Control Regulations for Pharmaceutical Production Article 17 The temperature and relative humidity of Jie (zone) shall be compatible with the requirements of the pharmaceutical production process. When there is no special requirement, the temperature should be controlled at 18~26°C, and the relative humidity should be controlled at 45~65%. If this requirement is met, the air-conditioning purification unit must be installed in the production workshop of the pharmaceutical factory. The temperature and humidity control is realized by the corresponding heating, cooling and adding/dehumidifying devices. To meet the requirements of GMP.

Drugs should be stored in a special library and classified according to the specified storage requirements. The stored medicines are stored in the corresponding library according to the temperature and humidity requirements. In the examination and evaluation standards of pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises: 25.7 In vitro diagnostic reagent products without production requirements for air purification, whether to control the temperature and humidity of the production workshop. There is one in the production implementation rules: air drying equipment should be installed in the operation room where the air is dry, to ensure that the material will not be deteriorated by moisture. Regularly maintain the dehumidification equipment and monitor the indoor air humidity.

It can be seen that the temperature and humidity of the pharmaceutical industry require strict control, and the Collier dehumidifier is an ideal device for controlling humidity.