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Air purification treatment plan in purification project


The air purification treatment of air cleanliness at all levels in the purification project shall adopt three-stage filtration of primary effect, medium efficiency and high efficiency air filter. Class 100000 air purification treatment, sub-high efficiency air filter can be used to generate high efficiency air filter.

The air filter should be arranged and installed in the following manner: the primary air filter should not be equipped with an oil-immersed filter; the medium-efficiency air filter should be concentrated in the positive pressure section of the purified air conditioning system; the high efficiency air filter or The sub-high efficiency air filter should be installed at the end of the clean air conditioning system. The installation method of high-efficiency air filtration should be simple and reliable, and should be leak-proof and replaceable. The medium-efficiency, sub-efficient and high-efficiency air filter should be selected according to the rated air volume; the resistance and efficiency are similar. The high efficiency air filter should be installed in the same purification workshop.

When determining a centralized or decentralized clean air conditioning system, the characteristics of the production process and the cleanliness level, area, location, etc. of the clean room air should be considered. Where the production process is continuous, the clean room or the purification workshop area is large, the centralized clean room with strict concentration and noise control and vibration control should adopt a centralized clean air conditioning system.

If the air conditioning system needs to be electrically heated, a tubular electric heater should be used. The position should be placed on the windward side of the high efficiency air filter, and fire safety measures should be taken.

The blower can be selected according to the total air supply volume and total resistance value of the clean air conditioning system. The resistance of the medium efficiency and high efficiency air filter should be calculated as twice the initial resistance.

Purification air conditioning system in the purification project In addition to the DC system and the system for setting up the duty fan, measures should be taken to prevent outdoor polluted air from entering the purification workshop through the fresh air inlet.

The design of the clean air conditioning system should make rational use of the return air. If the process produces a large amount of harmful substances and the local treatment cannot meet the hygienic requirements, or if it is harmful to other processes, the return air will not be applied.